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I have moved so many times. I won’t re-hash each experience but let me just say I moved 4 times last year. I’m totally serious. I’m not going to waste time explaining why because it’s a boring story so you’ll just have to believe me.

My apartment complex is re-doing the plumbing in my entire apartment building. They are also putting in hardwood floors, granite counter tops, and overall just doing major renovation. About a week and a half ago I received a notice that they were getting to my part of my floor and needed me to move to a different building in the complex. I was less than thrilled but knew it was going to happen eventually so it wasn’t a huge shock.

They said they would reimburse me for moving expenses so I decided I would move over all my clothes, dishes, etc. myself and then pay someone to move the heavy and awkward items. I didn’t like the idea of packing all my belongings, moving it to the building across the courtyard, then unpacking the boxes. It seemed a like a lot of extra work so I decided since I had some extra storage tubs, I would fill a tub, walk it the across the courtyard, unpack the container, putting everything away in the same location I had it in my previous apartment, then go back, refill the container, and so forth. Some stuff, like Christmas ornaments, were already in tubs.

Every time I’ve moved, I try to get rid of more stuff. In this process of moving my belongings over one tub at a time, I’ve become very keenly aware of my possessions and I have to say, I think I’m finally to the point where I don’t want to get rid of anything else. Now granted, I have some stuff I could live without but I chose not to. It’s worth an extra trip back and forth. These items are mainly memory related. There are just some things I can’t let go.

I want to live simply. Could I be living simply better? Perhaps. But right now, in the midst of moving, I’m content with where I’m at and I think that says something.


My Blog is Boring

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Sometimes I think about what the purpose of this blog is. The answer is I don’t know.

I thought I would make this an informative blog in some form or another but I highly doubt that the information in this blog is of much use to anyone. Plus, I can’t seem to be very consistent in providing such information. Yes, I regularly research topics of personal interest but hardly ever to the degree one should research a topic in order to blog about it and, to be honest, I don’t really feel like doing that much research.

Clearly this is not a blog of my daily life. I used to have such a blog, keeping people updated on what was going on but my perpetual student husband didn’t want me posting pictures of him and personal information all over the web. I can respect that.

I never have been an eloquent enough writer to simply have a blog of thought-provoking compositions. So no, this is not that type of blog either.

This blog doesn’t really have direction and honestly, this is more for me than it is for you. I know this will never be a blog with high traffic and I’m okay with that. I suppose this blog is to help me think things “out loud,” try a new method of accountability in exercise and diet, and simply admit when I’m lonely.

I’m going to take a break from blogging for a bit. I have some projects and events going on in my life I need to focus on and I just don’t have the motivation to make blogging a priority right now. I hope you, my two or so readers, don’t mind. 😉

Procrastinating Perfectionist

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Yeah, that’s what I am. It’s stupid because it doesn’t have to be that way.

For years I haven’t owned a TV. Well, at one point a friend gave us his old TV but we didn’t have cable. We only used it to watch movies. And we only had it for a year. Anyhow, we told ourselves it was good to not own a TV. So much time is wasted watching TV. Then Hulu came into existence. . . and Netflix watch instantly. I might as well own a TV.

The past few weeks I let my apartment become a mess. I blamed it on the clogged kitchen sink. I thought it was my fault it wasn’t draining right. Turns out it’s because they gutted the apartment next to mine and didn’t put a cap on the pipe that used to lead to the neighboring kitchen sink. So when water goes down the drain, half of it goes down the common vertical pipe and half of it goes into the gutted kitchen next door. I didn’t want to call maintenance until I picked up my apartment. I’ve been telling myself that for about a month.

The truth: my apartment is a mess because I come home from work, eat supper, and then either go to bed or watch TV on my laptop; my apartment is a mess because I washed all my laundry and folded it but never put it away; I covered my piles of clean clothes with coats so the cat doesn’t sit on them and shed; I started to fake clean my apartment so I could call maintenance and now I have a fridge full of dirty dishes again; my apartment is a mess because I don’t want to admit how lonely I am when I sit in a perfectly clean apartment by myself; the mess makes my apartment feel less empty.

I haven’t gotten ready for bed in three weeks. I usually fall asleep in the chair, wake up at some random hour, then climb into bed. It makes me sad to go to bed alone. The cat helps but she’s no substitute for him.

Sometimes I wonder if I am a little depressed. I think I’m only depressed at home. Actually, I don’t think depressed is the right word. I’m sad when I’m home by myself.

I’ve become a lot better about initiating activities with friends so I don’t have to spend as much time in my apartment. If I know my perpetual student won’t be able to visit, I fill up my schedule. I am so thankful to have wonderful friends I can be vulnerable around.

I want to take better care of myself. I want to lose weight, get ready for bed, keep my apartment clean, floss my teeth. . . once I stop procrastinating I’ll be a perfectionist about all these activities. Then I will realize I turned these activities into idols and feel broken all over again. Maybe this time I can try to be more balanced about it. Maybe.

P.S. I am calling another re-do. This time because I procrastinated.

Diet & Exercise: Week 3

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I am calling a re-do. Last week I had a cold that led me to coming home from work, eating supper, then going straight to bed. I took Emergen-C which seemed to help a lot and I had energy during the work hours, but the minute I got home I just wanted to go to bed. This means my exercise goal went out the window, including Yoga (I didn’t want my germs to run wild in that hot, hot room and make everyone else sick), and I didn’t pay much attention to my food goal. I pretty much just ate a lot of soup and frozen pizza since it was easy. I didn’t even bother weighing or measuring myself yesterday. Yeah . . . I am calling a complete re-do.

Diet & Exercise: Week 2

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How Last Week’s Goals Went: I met my exercise goal of going to Bikram Yoga twice. I very nearly met my food goal. Thursday night I had dinner at a friend’s house and just plain forgot to drink 8 oz of water before. On the plus side, we were eating soup, which has water in it, and I drank 8 oz of water afterward. In addition to drinking 8 oz of water before each meal, I tried to drink at least 64 oz of water a day. I missed that goal by a little on Friday and Saturday.

Weight: 177

Waist: 34″

Hips: 38.5″

Food Goal: always have a healthy snack option on hand

Exercise Goal: daily ab phone app three days this week

Diet & Exercise: Week 1

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Side note: In an attempt to be more transparent and so I can see my progress better, I am going to include personal information with each weekly post stating what my goals are.

Weight: 175 lbs

Waist: 35″

Hips (measured at ASIS): 39″

Food Goal: drink 8 oz of water before every meal

Exercise Goal: attend Bikram Yoga class 2 times this week

Money, Diet, and Exercise

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I was doing some searching in the I-Tunes store and saw a new category of podcasts labeled something along the lines of “New Year’s Resolutions.” Out of curiosity, I clicked on it. I was not surprised to see podcasts related to money, diet, exercise, and learning new languages. I still would love to be fluent in another language but money, diet, and exercise are more of what I’ve been focused on lately.

For the record, my New Year’s Resolution is to go through all my anatomy notes and edit them in hopes that doing so will not only help me review for boards, but make it easier for me to study when I have to take anatomy again when I do the prosthetic program. What I am getting at is managing money, diet, and exercise are more life goals and less of a year goal.

Money: As you may or may not remember, my goal was to have my only expenses on the credit card be gas for the car. I knew this was going to be impossible, especially since I still had Christmas presents to buy, but I thought even if I tried I would end up significantly reducing my spending. In general I would call my experiment a success. For one of my goals, I was going to try to not buy groceries for a month. It was definitely interesting. I wasn’t as stocked up on food as I thought I was so I did go grocery shopping once about 2/3 of the way through the month. Even though I didn’t meet my goal, I learned a lot and saved a lot of money. The main principle I learned and hope to continue to apply is what key ingredients I like to keep on hand. For example, I realized how valuable onions are to have on hand. Other than Christmas presents, I allowed myself a few exceptions: 1. my favorite knitting store was closing so I bought some needles and a book I wanted that were now on sale  2. I went out to eat 3 times. The first was in celebration of a friend graduating from nursing school, the second was when I was diligently studying at a coffee shop with my perpetual student husband, and the third was January 3rd at work after I returned from my holiday travels and hadn’t thought ahead the night before.  3. Since I saved so much money, I added personal money to Christmas money to finally buy a smart phone.

So overall I was happy with my progress. I hope to continue to plan meals ahead and keep certain food items on hand, continue to reduce my eating out to a couple times a month/special occasions, and continue not talking myself into buying items I don’t need.

Food: Candy has been my downfall at work and home, especially when holiday-packaged candy goes on sale the day after the most recent holiday. I thought if I bought a bag of mini Snickers bars, I would be good and only eat a couple every now and then. I was wrong. Here are my goals for the next few months:

  1. If I buy a special treat, keep it in the car as opposed to at work or in my apartment. That way I can’t eat it all the time.
  2. Make changes one at a time. Each week I am going to set a new food goal for myself so over time I am eating better and better.

Exercise: My exercise routine has been completely thrown off by all of my holiday travels and it’s time to get back into it. Just as with food, I am going to set a weekly goal and slowly ramp up my exercise routine.

Money, diet, and exercise . . . man those are tough areas of life to manage.